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Senior Citizen age-group can become a fun age-group if a person after sixty-five years plans his/her health plan accordingly. Some special needs have to be met to enjoy this stage of life.

There are one hundred four million senior citizens in India, according to Census 2011 statistics. According to the World Population Fund, the population of senior citizens will increase y twenty percent until 2050. 

Senior Citizens require special needs as per their health and age group. The senior citizens can not be treated like other age-groups persons. 

Senior citizens need special care as compared to other people. Your parents should be provided with the best possible physiotherapy session regularly as per their needs.

Physiotherapy for senior citizens can prove beneficial considering their age. Older persons are susceptible to many problems and issues like:

  • Back Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Joint Pain
  • Ligament Damage
  • Muscle Stiffness
  • Inflammation
  • Mobility Problem

Significance of Physiotherapy:

Physiotherapy is not a treatment therapy but a preventive therapy to prevent injuries, mobility problem and to increase strength and stamina. Physiotherapy is adopted by millions of people around the world to increase the strength and movement of muscles. Physiotherapy is not limited to older persons or injured persons, but top-level players adopt high-qualified physiotherapists to improve their momentum and prevent injuries. Here are some direct benefits of taking physiotherapy regularly:

  • Increase Stamina
  • Maximize function
  • Maximize muscle strength
  • Prevent Injuries
  • Promotes Health
  • Promotes well-being

For Senior Citizens:

Physiotherapy is a wholesome therapy to improve the strength and well-being of senior citizens. Ageing comes with its problems and challenges like movement issues, back-pain problems, inactivity problems, and blood-flow issues.

Pain Treatment:

Due to the weak muscle of senior citizens require regular physiotherapy sessions to reduce back pain, neck pain, and joint pain. Because of advance age, bones and muscles lose their strength with time, so they need an external effort to keep them intact or less fragile.

Careful Environment:

Physiotherapy should be done under an expert physiotherapist as it can cause injury if not done correctly. Proper physiotherapy can do wonders in the mobility-related issues in senior citizens. Senior citizens should not try physiotherapy on their own as it can be detrimental to them.

Improved Stability

In the advanced age, falls are prevalent for the elderly, and these falls can prove fatal sometimes. Physiotherapy improves the strength of bone and muscles along with the improvement in momentum-related issues like walking upstairs, walking downstairs and everyday walking.  

Improved Social Environment:

Physiotherapy can be done at home, clinic or hospital. Group physiotherapy can improve the social environment for the elderly. Generally, the elderly do not find their companions at home as everyone else is busy with his/her life, so having physiotherapy in groups can improve the social environment around the elderly.

Above all benefits, after getting timely physiotherapy in their advanced age, senior citizens can walk without any doubt of falling as assurance comes from the physiotherapy with healthy muscles and bones. Senior citizens can do some mundane tasks on their own without any assistance.

Anvayaa provides the best home nursing services, along with physiotherapy facilities for senior citizens. Physiotherapists from Anvayaa are experts in their might, and they carry their therapy with compassion and care. Home Care Services from Anvayaa include physiotherapy care for senior citizens with affordable plans. All home services are provided by the Anvayaa for your lovely parents or grandparents like grocery delivery and transportation assistance.

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