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Emergency Care Assistance

The goal of Crisis Care is to stabilize the immediate situation with right care and support. Anvayaa provides an array of Crisis Care services at Hyderabad, Bangalore & Chennai so that your parents are ready to tackle the difficulties. Depending on the severity of the crisis, the well-trained members will refer you to specific medical services.

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Ambulance Assistance

Anvayaa has partnered with 1500 + Ambulance service vendors for Emergency assistance/urgent care for elderly to provide immediate care. We make sure that the Ambulances are equipped with advanced equipment and are available round the clock or 24 /7.

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Non Medical Emergency

Our company understands that emergencies are not only related to medical. Non-medical emergencies such as the need of a wheelchair at a certain location or transportation assistance to a funeral is also essential and will be provided by us immediately.

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Medical Emergency Assistance With A Care Plan

Emergency care/urgent care plans for your parents with specific health care needs are generated after health profiling. Our care manager discusses with you, your parents and the doctor to determine a specific care plan for any medical emergencies that may occur.

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Realtime Updates

Panic attacks are usual when someone we know is facing an emergency situation. Our team understands this and during an emergency situation provides you the 24 hr urgent care with consistent real-time updates related to the emergency issue.

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Accompanied Care Manager

If your parents’ need to attend a family gathering or go to a wedding function and require someone to accompany them during the journey. Our care manager will be more than pleased to take care of them through the entire journey. Find the best urgent care services and 24 hr urgent care services nearby you.

Mr & Mrs Adavi Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Our son is the best thing happen to us.
Anvayaa has been very helpful and we are very happy under Anvayaa's Care
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Mr & Mrs Adavi

Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Mr Syten Bahadur IT professional - New York City , USA

Anvayaa has always been very prompt, responsive and I couldn't be happier than this.
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Mr Syten Bahadur

IT professional - New York City , USA