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Health Care Assistance

A Health care forms a major part of our services. Anvayaa with its large team of specialist doctors, healthcare professionals, major diagnostic and pharmacy centers as partners, ensure smooth and quality treatment to your parents. Activities such as transportation to the hospital, help with paperwork and discharge formalities are also taken care of to make the process easier.

Daily Care Assistance

Apart from providing healthcare assistance, Anvayaa also provides daily care services to parents at their homes. Anvayaa has partnered with exclusive home maintenance services, transport providers, food and maid services to help in your time of need in any way possible. With unique plans and features, the organization delivers all necessary services within the comfort of home.

Leisure Care

Retirement is a time to rejuvenate your life and relax. Your parents’ have been working in a stressful environment for a long time and now require to enjoy the fruits of all the hard work. The goal is simple: keeping your parents happy. Our professionally trained Relationship Managers ensure that your parents’ needs get addressed. Like a trusted friend, the Care Manager will arrange services for your parents if they wish to attend any family gatherings or picnics.

Payment Care

Situations may arise when funds are not immediately available to meet the expenses, especially when you are not around. These situations are difficult to handle without proper contingency plans. You may often wish that there was someone who would know how to address these issues. Anvayaa has created an optimal solution for your benefit pertaining to this problem.

Emergency Care Assistance

The goal of Crisis Care is to stabilize the immediate situation with right care and support. Anvayaa provides an array of Crisis Care services so that your parents are ready to tackle the difficulties. Depending on the severity of the crisis, the well-trained members will refer you to specific medical services.

Other Care

There could be a contingency and you cannot come to their aid when required. You may often wish that there was someone to fill in your shoes to take care of all the specific needs of your parents. Anvayaa ensures complete professional care managing your parents’ requirements. These requirements may also include property management, legal services and any other liaison including visa, travel, foreign exchange etc.


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