Senior Care Challenges in India

Traditionally, we use to have essential support in the form of families taking care of elders. But, with India’s aging population growing rapidly, and in an era where nucleus families are best preferred by everyone, elders are often left to fend for themselves. There are times, things don’t really permit us to address to our parent’s needs. The challenge might be staying away from our parents for building a better career ahead, or having settled abroad for a better standard of living and a better professional carrer. This does not necessarily mean that we are careless towards them.

Scarcity in understanding the elder’s needs
Statistics, released by the United Nations Population Fund and HelpAge India shows us that India had 90 million elderly persons in 2011, with the number expected to grow to 173 million by 2026. Of the 90 million seniors, 30 million are living alone, and the saddening part is 90 percent are still working for a livelihood. The daily, social, emergency and emotional needs of elders are different from that of the younger generation, and today the biggest challenge India is facing is to understand and cater to the needs of the elders.

Scarcity of reliable and professional resources
There is always a communication gap which exists, between the elders and their kids staying geographically away from each other. Though, there is always the need for a trusted and reliable professional for taking care of our loved ones, the biggest challenge is where do we find them? If found, how do we identify if they are the best fit for our parents? With aging population rapidly growing in India, there is a huge gap existing in providing a trusted resource addressing to the needs of the seniors.

How Daily Assistance for elders is challenging
We all know for a fact that, rather than opting for a long term care plan or moving into old age homes, our elders prefer to be at their homes for as long as possible. But the hurdle really seems to be the unmet day to day needs of the seniors. With their children not around to assist them, be it getting done with the bank work, paying utility bills, attending a wedding, going out for shopping or as simple as a walk in the park. Daily assistance is now becoming a growing concern.

Scarcity of Social Engagements for the elders
As you get older and retire or migrate to a different locality or move to a new community the opportunity to socialize as you did during your prime is shrinked. There’s an appalling situation faced by the elders when it comes to socializing. They are secluded from the fun they may deserve because of the physical weakness. This leaves our loved ones with a sense of loneliness, being less physically active and in some cases also lead to death of a person due to depression.

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