Why Physiotherapy For Elders Should Not Be Avoided?

Physical therapy for the elderly can help them retain their independence, gain back their mobility and functionality. Be it for improving their general overall health, managing a long-term illness or rehabilitation from surgery, and physiotherapy can help them with everything. 

Physical therapy aims to help restore and improve their functionality, alleviate pain, and increase their mobility for better balance and strength. One of the major reasons for senior citizens to go for physiotherapy is falling. This is because, as they age, they lose their strength, flexibility, and balance. As a result, their chances of falling are very high, which could cause a serious injury considering their age. Hence, physical therapy for treating these conditions will help improve their functions along with their overall health.

Osteoporosis, which is a bone disease that only progresses is the result of a decrease in bone mass and density. This condition can increase the risk of fractures. Further, it also causes many falls. To eliminate these risks, regular exercise and physical therapy can help in controlling the effects of this health condition. 

The exercise routine and strength training provided in physiotherapy can help in alleviating the symptoms of arthritis. Those with arthritis can really benefit from physical therapy as it makes them exercise and helps preserve their strength of using their joints. The treatment also teaches them therapeutic methods to get rid of any discomfort through physical techniques as well as activity modifications. 

Physiotherapy is prescribed in most cases following hospitalization. And not taking it post-hospitalization can have a severe impact on the person’s health. 

What happens if you skip physiotherapy following a hospitalization?

While medicines after surgery or hospitalization can help treat the condition to some extent, there are consequences if you do not get your elder one physiotherapy. Here are some of them:

Falls: After spending a certain time in the hospital, many of them will be prone to falling as they do not get much physical activity in the hospital. Failing to get therapy after returning home from the hospital can potentially lead to them going back to the hospital again due to injuries from falling. 

Infections: Without any active movement or some sort of physical activity, the senior is at a higher risk of getting pneumonia due to weakness. Further, they are also at increased potential risk for certain skin problems such as ulcers which may result due to lack of movement. 

Reduced Long Term Strength and Endurance: During recovery, physical therapy has a major impact on their strength and endurance which they will regain slowly through the treatment. Not getting treatment may also cause an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and decreased oxygen saturation levels which can lead to blood clots, stroke and heart attack. 

Reduced Education: Education through physiotherapy shows ways to perform activities of daily living (ADL) in an efficient way to help improve your physical as well as the mental health condition and quality of life. 

Increased Pain: If they are not moving because they are not taking any physical therapy, their joints will become stiff. As a result of decreased mobility, they will be in more pain. 

On the whole, physiotherapy for seniors has a wide range of health benefits which include strength and balance. Further, it also helps them regain their independence and give them a sense of confidence which will automatically improve their quality of life. Anvayaa offers physical treatments for those who require it under the guidance of experienced physiotherapists who will visit your home at the time convenient to you.

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