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There are various simple ways in which the caregivers can support their ageing loved one so that they can enjoy the holidays a little more this year.

For most of us, holidays bring a feeling of excitement, anticipation, and joy. Spending quality time with friends and near- dear family, attending holiday gatherings and exchanging gifts all of these denotes the season of goodwill. Nevertheless, not all people experience happiness during the holiday season.

In modern-day life, almost 13 million seniors live alone. Also, many are found struggling with grief over the loss of a loved one, sadness, and loneliness, especially in case they don’t have family close by. This, as a result, bring on the holiday blues and make it difficult for seniors to enjoy this time of year. So, it advisable if you are not available let the caregivers help seniors enjoy their holidays. 

Whether it’s an ageing parent, friend or neighbour, there are simple ways in which the caregivers can help seniors enjoy the holiday a little more this year:

Being a Companion

Caregivers make it a point to visit and spend time with your loved senior. They ensure to participate in the activities that seniors love, they play their favourite games or tend to simply ask them about their life. Memory sharing and storytelling is definitely a great way to lift a senior’s spirit and thereby can be very important for their ageing process. 

Let your loved seniors share stories and explore memories by looking at old photographs, listening to music, reading letters and newspaper articles. Caregivers also ensure to be very thoughtful. In case your loved one has experienced memory loss, it can be very difficult and frustrating for them while they are telling them stories or recalling events from the past.

If you wish you can help them set up Skype or Facetime so that they can remain connected with the out-of-town family members and friends. At Anvayaa, the caregivers assist those who may not have family nearby as their companion and help seniors enjoy their holidays a little more. 

Being a Chef

Just like the family members, the caregivers help them in preparing their favourite holiday meals and also enjoy the meal with them. This is actually a great way to connect with the isolated seniors who have a feeling of loneliness. They also consider inviting them to cook with themselves and help them make fun while enjoying their favourite family holiday recipe together. The caregivers believe in getting inspired and creating new holiday food traditions.

Being a Helper

Caregivers act as a home helper. It can be very difficult for seniors to do all the housework or house chores, especially in case they have mobility issues or other physical limitations. They help them around the house by cleaning, de-cluttering and picking up anything on the floor that can simply be a tripping hazard. Thus, they ensure the seniors are safe at their home. They don’t even miss out on the work outside their home. They also help in raking leaves, doing yard work and getting the outdoors ready can be a huge help.

Being a Driver

Most of the seniors don’t prefer driving. These caregivers then offer to take your loved seniors to the doctor’s appointments, eye exams, and check-ups. They also accompany them to their favourite social activities, volunteer opportunities, and holiday events. Thus they feel comfortable knowing that there is someone to safely transport them.

No doubt, the holidays can get busy, hectic and overwhelming for all of us. But it’s important that we remember what holidays are all about, its a season of peace, joy, and giving. Also, do remember the ageing senior in your life.

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