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Nowadays an old parent staying in an old age home is quite a common phenomenon. But when given a thought is that even desirable? Most elderly people cannot connect with the idea of living in old age homes. Their children might want them to live happily, in peace and preferably in a place where they have always lived, that is their own homes.

But in this digital age, aged parents have often left alone while their children go aboard to live and work. So, the next logical step they come out with is to put their old parents in an old age home. Although there is nothing fundamentally wrong with staying in an old age home, it does offend their emotional sensibilities. 

While parents prefer to live in their own home and this is always more desirable, there are a few advantages of old parents living in an old age home.

  • With age, people often lose motor functions and performing day to day activities becomes a tiring task. In an old age home, the association can help them with daily activities. Also, an alternative to this is having a dedicated caregiver in senior home care who can help with the everyday chores. And if an in-home caregiver is appointed it can help them around their house. 
  • Since old age homes or senior care home are for senior citizens, doctors are always at hand and emergency services are available 24×7. Moreover, the elderly should have someone with them who can schedule appointments with doctors and go with them to the chamber. It is good to have a person who can take care of hospitalization in case of a medical emergency. 
  • For senior citizens, safety is always an issue. The steady security provided by the old age home or senior home care gives them protection from intruders and help them to live a safe and secure life.
  • One of the major factors that make old age homes attractive to elders is the companionship. They can be in the constant company of the people of their own age. In case their children are away from home, they have to live alone and that can cause extreme stress and depression. It is often seen that living in an old age home give rise to the feelings of abandonment as well. Loneliness is a quite bigger issue. In an ideal situation, there should be a companion at home who can fill this void. Companionship is even more important for those who have lost their spouses.

Senior Care Home

Another option for old aged people are senior care home facility. These facilities are often designed to provide supported living and care. These services generally accommodate people with a broad range of needs.  Much like old age home, senior home care facilities provide round the clock emergency care to ensure that residents have all of the resources they need. 

Senior Home Care is quite ideal for someone who is unable to live independently. If daily activities like personal maintenance and feeding require assistance, then aged care facilities can aptly meet these needs.

Senior Home Care facilities are traditionally smaller in size compared to old age home and generally, fees cover all the expenses of care including meals and accommodations. Few other additional services and amenities may also be covered, for instance, newspaper delivery. It is quite common that meals are usually scheduled throughout the day providing a more structured atmosphere for residents. This gives seniors who have difficulty with daily self-management a way to meet their daily needs in a supportive environment.

Senior Home Care can give those who actually need daily care a comfortable, safe, and active environment for years to come. So, in the end, the decision is yours whether senior home care is more appropriate for your loved one or not.

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