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Leisure Care

Retirement is a time to rejuvenate your life and relax. Your parents’ have been working in a stressful environment for a long time and now require to enjoy the fruits of all the hard work. The goal is simple: keeping your parents happy. Our professionally trained Relationship Managers ensure that your parents’ needs get addressed. Like a trusted friend, the Care Manager will arrange services for your parents if they wish to attend any family gatherings or picnics.

Leisure Care includes the following services

Home Repair

Organising Family Events

Your parents may sometimes feel lonely and need someone to talk to, especially when you are not around. Our Care Managers organize family events so that they are able to spend time with family.

Home Repair

Arranging Picnics

A routine mundane life may leave your parents to feel unfulfilled and unhappy. Care Managers understand that and arrange wellness activities like a picnic to free your parents from monotony.

Home Repair

Assisted Day Outings

Your parents may feel alone and nervous about leaving the house to get fresh air. Our Care Managers will be pleased to take them out. You can relax knowing that your parents will be accompanied every step of the way.

Home Repair

Arranging Surprise Events

Anvayaa also arranges Surprise Events for your parents. Whether it’s their birthday or Anniversary, we ensure that events happen so that they could celebrate life at each and every moment.