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Care for the elderly by combining People and Technology

Anvayaa Care

Care Process

Our entire system is run smoothly with the help of a marvelous team, latest technologies and involved partners that include well-known doctors, prestigious hospitals, and various other retailers.


Our organization has a team of people who wants to enrich the quality of life and create beautiful memories for your parents. We understand that old people need care and attention most of the time. They often require help with medical care, household services, transportation, home security etc. Keeping these things in mind, we have built a team that shares our core values and is interested in making a difference in their life. All our team members at Anvayaa have social service and hospitality backgrounds. With years of experience in living and helping diverse people, we understand that each person is unique and face different problems in their life. We appreciate them for who they are and connect with them on a deeper level to make sure that they are at peace with their everyday life. We have years of experience in helping several people and are passionate about contributing more. So when you sign up for Anvayaa, you are not signing up with an organization. You are signing up with a team of like-minded people who want to help people who are facing difficulties in life. Our only goal is to work hard every day so that your parents could lead a leisurely life with a smile on their faces and joy in their hearts.

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To ensure that every wish of your parent is satisfied and they lead their life with ease, we have partnered with several organizations to provide you the perfect package of care and assistance. Our team consists of well-known doctors, prestigious hospitals, and various other retailers to help your parents with any problem or need. We provide medical help with Apollo, sunshine, Srikara, elbit, Nightingales, Viras, Health heal and more. Transportation assistance to the hospitals is provided by Old and Uber. We also have various other partners such as V1 events, Houzkare, HDF bank, Just Books, Aero Wise, Mantra organic to assist your parents’ with their needs.

Our partners are really delighted to have joined hands with us. They are really passionate about giving back to the society and joining with us has definitely helped them to achieve their social responsibility. Our services have created a gateway for all the organizations to enter into the world of hospitality and enrich the quality of life of several people by providing the same service that they offer. With their continuous support and our services, we are in the process of helping and impacting several lives in this world.

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Technology has helped and improved the way we live our life. Anvayaa combines people and technology in a unique manner to make the interaction between your parents and us simpler. We have designed a web portal that allows the easy enrolling process of profiling, assembling reports, planning visits, and setting emergency plans. We have developed applications for Android and iOS that can be downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store respectively. We also store all the medical history records, healthcare service details, and all bills and payments related to Anvayaa digitally on the cloud. All the essential services can be accessed on the web portal or the application through a username and password by you and your parents.

While technology provides immense benefits, we understand that it can be difficult for your parents’ to adapt and adjust to ever-changing technology. To help with the process, we have well-trained staffs to assist them in their need. At any time of the day or night, our team with all our services are available with a tap of a button.

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Client Onboarding Process

Our entire process is experimented several times to ensure that the user who register for the first time face no difficulty in getting all the care and compassion from our care managers and services.

Daily Care Plan

After the client signs up with the organization, we introduce a care manager to them. He explains in detail the services that include in the plan and how to avail them to the client. He understands the client’s needs and lifestyle and tweaks the plan, accordingly. He introduces them to our web interface and mobile app and tells them how it works. He learns of their diet, social interactions, resting time, physical activities, TV channel preferences, etc. And, assists them through it with regular visits and phone interactions.

Electronically Managed Records

A medical record is an essential tool to keep track of a patient’s medical history and to identify any problems. EMRs are maintained so that the doctors could monitor the changes virtually and improve the overall quality of care provided.

Health Profiling

Anvayaa does a thorough health check-up and understands the client’s medical needs and condition. Their state of health is neatly profiled and updated on our web portals to compare and find suitable clinics, doctors, and pharmacies among our partners. An empanelled doctor estimates the health condition of the client through the medical reports sent by our team and prepares an emergency plan, accordingly.

The entire process is annually renewable to keep the medical records and services updated. The newly extracted details are updated and assistance is provided accordingly to the reports and your parents’ wishes.

Home Security Check

Anvayaa sends a team of experts to check the house of the client and their surroundings to assess safety measures and provide an easy to use security system and physical security services to ensure a danger free and safe environment for the client. We also assist in helping your parents’ understand about the basic features of the security system so that they could be in peace with the knowledge of how protected they are.

Emergency Care

The Emergency Plan is pre-planned, and when such a situation arises, all you have to do is press a red button on the Anvayaa app which will take care of everything from ambulance, hospital, and doctor. If not the App, even a missed call will do. The client need not panic as all the partners included in the list are activated, and they are ready and equipped to deal with the emergency situation. The doctor is well-versed with the condition of the patient beforehand through the listed medical reports provided by Anvayaa and gets to work as soon as the patient arrives, wasting no time. Alerts go to the hospital beforehand too, and the place prepares for an emergency. In short, we waste no time to get the patient an immediate medical help.