Are you prepared for parental emergency?

The most beautiful sight is when our parents are smiling, and it is priceless when we are the reason behind their smiles. Remember all the sacrifices, our parents have made for us. Don’t you think that now it is our turn to give them back the love and pampering like we were given. We may never be able to repay their never ending love for us. But, we can still give our best. Continue reading “Are you prepared for parental emergency?”

Mr. Prashanth Reddy at TANA Event

About Anvayaa

Anvayaa is an organization driven with a single minded focus on offering one-stop Parent Care Solutions.We realize that being away from your parents is not an easy proposition.We also understand your need to ensure that your parents being away from you are healthy and are being looked after by safe hands. We know that the elderly are emotional and sensitive, especially when their kin are not around. We are here to help them lead a dignified life, with support, like an extended family, both by being present physically and emotionally. Continue reading “Mr. Prashanth Reddy at TANA Event”